1. Timeline

    1. Key Concepts
      1. Sync Festivals & Events
      2. Importance of Cycles
    2. Key Decision
      1. Map of the Future is the focus of Phase 1
      2. Design Product = Decision on Product Strategy - Event, Hybrid, Product, Incubator
    3. Phase I
      1. May 1 - May 6: Strategy Sprint
      2. May 8 - May 12: Preparation Sprint
      3. May 15 - May 19: Design Sprint
      4. May 22 - May 26: Development Sprint
      5. May 27 - May 31: Production Sprint
      6. June 1: Mapathon #2
      7. June x: Wales Gathering
    4. Phase II
        1. July 15 - Aug 15: Product Gensis Design
      1. Aug 15-19: CCC Camp
    5. Phase III
      1. September: Warsaw Gathering
      2. September: Student Oboarding
      3. November: Thailand Gathering
      4. Jan 15-19: Davos
  • Strategy


Key Concepts

Sync Festivals and Events

In the meeting, it was discussed that synchronizing festivals and events is crucial as it allows for a more significant impact and invites people to join in the celebration. This approach can help create a sense of unity and shared experiences among participants.

Importance of Cycles

Cycles were also emphasized as essential in the discussion. They provide a rhythm and structure to events and activities, making it easier for people to follow and participate. By organizing events in cycles, it is possible to create a more significant impact over time and establish a sense of continuity.

Key Decision

Map of the Future - Phase 1 Focus

The meeting participants agreed to focus on Phase 1, which includes building a collaborative economy mechanism, decentralized event structure, production structure, and a digital incubator. The goal is to have these elements in place by July 15th, at which point they will decide on the next steps and design a product based on the established strategies.

Product Design = Product Strategy

The team agreed to aggressively pursue three different market segments before July 15th. By focusing on these segments, the organization can gather valuable data and insights, which will be crucial in shaping the product strategy during the product design phase.

24 Steps as Workshops

To ensure a more effective and engaging approach to implementing the 24 Steps, the team has decided to transform them into a series of workshops. This will allow for better collaboration, understanding, and execution of each step, ultimately leading to a more successful product strategy and development process.


General Mapathon

Project Incubation

  • Elements
    • Idea
    • Technology
    • Passion
  • Formation

Beachhead Market Selection

Detailed Description Typical

Persona Mapathon

  • Brainstorm Potential Segements
  • Selection of First Order Beachhead
  • Further Segementation of FOB
  • Select Beachhead Market
  • Build End User Profile
  • Calcuate TAM
  • Find Persona