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Find similar notes

The following will help you find notes similar to the one you're currently viewing:

  1. Make sure you have AVA Links enabled (you can see this in the plugin settings)
  2. Press cmd+p
  3. Type "ava link"
  4. Select "🧙 AVA - Generate Link"

Make sense of messy information

  1. Select the text below

a messy piece of èèè information thqt contqqins in,portqnt clues on hzo to use the plugin

  1. Press cmd+p
  2. Type "rewrite"
  3. Select "🧙 AVA - Rewrite Selection"
  4. Type "decipher"
  5. Click "Rewrite Text" to complete the transformation
  6. Now change the text instruction in Write panel to ask "remove all vowels" and press enter

Get tags suggestions

Want to classify your notes, but can't find the right tags?

  1. Press cmd+p
  2. Type "ava tag"
  3. Select "🧙 AVA - Suggest tags"

🪄 Pro-tip: using tags before using links increases of finding similar notes

Using complete for lazy calculation

  1. Select text below

each requests costs $0.03

we had 3000 requests that means

  1. Press cmd+p
  2. Type "ava complete"
  3. Select "🧙AVA - Complete"

Tips & Tricks

🪄 Pro-tip: You can use "Generate Link" as a very powerful search bar. If you're struggling to find a note in your vault,

  1. open a new file
  2. type whatever information you can remember
  3. Use "Generate Link."


Ava started as a weekend project by Ben & Louis as a mean to solve multiple problems related to having a large quantity of disparate notes. We are very grateful for your support and feedback.