1. Introduction

    • Remind Craig about your connection and give a brief overview of the project.
  2. The Gallery Project:

    • Share your vision for an innovative and immersive gallery.
    • Discuss potential exhibitions and the involvement of local artists.
    • Discuss financial plans involving local investors and selling the gallery concept at Davos.
  3. The Obeya Room Concept:

    • Discuss the Obeya Room project, which aims to create a compelling business data visualization experience.
    • Explore how Craig's work could be central to this concept.
  4. Collaboration Opportunities:

    • Discuss the potential roles Craig could have in the project, including co-owner, participating artist, or other possible roles.
    • Discuss the potential benefits of these roles, such as elevating his status from creating one-off works to becoming an exhibited artist.
    • Introduce the idea of a dynamic equity partnership model, where his contribution to the project is rewarded with a flexible stake in the business.
  5. Open Discussion:

    • Encourage Craig to share his thoughts, concerns, and suggestions about the collaboration opportunities and the dynamic equity partnership model.
  6. Invitation and Next Steps:

    • Suggest the possibility of inviting Craig to Portugal for brainstorming sessions.
    • Confirm that David plans to visit Craig in the UK soon for further discussion.
    • Establish the potential next steps, depending on Craig's interest and availability.
  7. Conclusion:

    • Thank Craig for his time and for considering these possibilities.

This outline now includes a section on potential collaboration roles and discusses the idea of a dynamic equity partnership model.