This is the first Map of the Future - Mapathon hosted by Map of the Future


Welcome - 20 mins

Welcome to the Map of the Future Workshop! We're delighted to have you join us today in this collaborative and exciting journey as we explore the possibilities of our collective future. The purpose of this event is to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to collaboratively envision our shared future.

Self-Introduction - 2 min

  • Andrejz - 1 min
    • Software Dev, Agile Coach, Startup Founder
    • Met Pak in Fez Medina
    • Exploring New Ways of Working Together
  • Pak - 1 min
    • Entrepreneur
    • CEO of Moti - Creative Collaboration
    • Excited to Run the first Mapathon
    • Introduce - Map of the Future (1st Time)

Map of the Future Intro - 3 min

  • Humanity - Travelling Blind
  • In the age of AI, Humanity at a crossroad - Uncertainties and Opportunities
  • We need a map
  • Reflect - Understand Our Values
    • Unite - Connect via Shared Values
    • Explore - Opportunities and Threats
    • Imagine -  Possibilities and Ideas
    • Create - Solutions and Projects
  • This is Map of the Future
  • How? - Starting Today in this Session

Rundown Intro - 5 mins

  • Personal Map
  • Map Exchange
  • Finding Common Round
  • Circle Map
  • Finding Common Round
  • Global Map

Mapping with Meetra - 3 mins

  • We would like our mapathon to be recorded
  • Working with Andy’s Company Meetra AI
  • To Create Conversation Mapping Technology - To Enable
  • AI to map our conversations, and the questions - Topics across different conversations to be connected through energy, engagement and sentiment

Personal Map Introduction - 5 mins

Personal Map - 20 mins

Personal Mapping - 10 Mins


In this personal map activity, you have 10 minutes to delve deep into three essential aspects of your identity: your Head, your Heart, and your Hands.

Embrace this opportunity to rediscover yourself and create a map that truly represents your essence.


  • Begin by placing your name in the center of the triangle on the map.
  • Rename the frame to your name, so it reflects your personal map.


Unleash your intellectual prowess and explore the vast expanse of your thoughts and ideas.

  • What are your most significant areas of knowledge or expertise?
  • What topics excite you and ignite your curiosity?
  • How do you approach problem-solving or critical thinking?


Delve into the realm of your emotions and awaken your empathy

  • What are the core values or beliefs that guide your life?
  • When have you felt a strong emotional connection to a person, cause, or idea?
  • How do your emotions influence your decisions and actions?


Reflect on the actions you've taken to create tangible change in the world.

  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • Which initiatives or projects have you been involved in that made a meaningful impact?
  • How do you use your skills and passions to contribute to the well-being of others?

Map Exchange - 10 mins

As you embark on this exciting journey of personal map exchange, we want to provide you with a helpful guide to make the most of your experience. Please follow these steps during the 10-minute map exchange activity:

  • Study your partner's map (2 minutes)
    • Begin by carefully examining your partner's map. Pay close attention to the details, symbols, and connections they've included. Try to understand the thought process behind their map and the experiences or values it represents.
  • Reflect on similarities and differences (3 minutes)
    • Compare your map with your partner's map. Identify any common themes, values, or experiences that you both share. Also, take note of any unique or surprising elements in your partner's map that you'd like to learn more about.
  • Engage in conversation (3 minutes)
    • Initiate a dialogue with your partner about your respective maps. Use the provided questions as a guide to explore each other's experiences and insights. Share your observations and ask open-ended questions to encourage your partner to share more about their map.
  • Identify common ground and express gratitude (2 minutes)
    • Discuss the common themes or connections you've identified between your maps. Talk about how these shared experiences or values might influence your collaboration or relationship moving forward. Conclude the conversation by expressing gratitude for the insights and connections you've gained through this exchange.

Common Ground Introduction - 5 mins

Common Ground - 20 mins

In the common ground session, we'll bring together all personal maps in a shared space. Participants will actively identify relationships, shared values, and interests among their maps. By doing so, we'll form interconnected islands of commonality, referred to as common ground. This process encourages collaboration, allowing participants to form circles based on their shared interests and work together towards collective growth.

  1. Personal Map Synthesis
    • In this segment, participants silently observe each other's personal maps, focusing on identifying patterns, similarities, and common grounds. The goal is to recognize common themes and interests that will serve as the foundation for proposing islands of commonality.
  2. Island Proposals
    • Encouraging active participation, the group members propose potential islands based on the patterns and connections they observed in the personal maps. These islands represent shared values or interests, and participants work together to link their nodes to the proposed islands, visually connecting related maps and forming islands of commonality.
  3. Identifying the Strongest Islands
    • In this segment, the group collectively evaluates the proposed islands and identifies the strongest ones based on the connections and relevance to the participants' interests. These strongest islands will be the focus of the next phase of the process.
  4. Forming Breakout Circles and Mapping the Future
    • With the strongest islands chosen, the participants are split into groups according to the number of selected islands. Each group is assigned to a different breakout room, where they will work together to create a future map of their respective island, exploring its potential and envisioning its development. This collaborative process allows participants to dive deeper into their shared interests and values, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within each group.

Circle Map Introduction - 5 mins

Circle Map - 20 mins


  • Explore common grounds togther based on the 3H approach
  • Schedule Next Circle Mapping Session


In the Circle Map session, the "Head" represents the intellectual and logical understanding of the common ground that brings the participants together. They should discuss and analyze the future trends, challenges, and opportunities within this shared area of interest, considering the current state and envisioning how it might evolve in the future, taking into account technological advancements, societal changes, and other relevant factors.


The "Heart" aspect of the Circle Map session focuses on the emotional and value-based connection to the common ground that unites the participants. They should explore how this shared interest aligns with their personal beliefs and aspirations, considering the impact on people's lives, communities, and the environment, and identifying ways to create a more positive and sustainable future.


Lastly, the "Hands" component of the Circle Map session involves not only brainstorming practical solutions and strategies to address the challenges and seize the opportunities within the shared area of interest but also thinking about what each participant can do individually and, most importantly, as a group. They should consider the resources, skills, and partnerships needed to implement these solutions and bring about meaningful change, fostering a strong sense of collaboration and collective action.

Integration - 40 mins

Circle Presentation - 20 mins

As we approach the conclusion of our first Mapathon, it's time for the participants to bring their circle maps together. Each person will have the opportunity to present their circle discussion, highlighting the key insights and findings. By doing so, we aim to identify common grounds between the various circle maps, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among the participants.

This final step in our Mapathon not only encourages collaboration but also strengthens the collective vision for the Map of the Future. As we celebrate the completion of our first event, we hope to inspire continued engagement and collaboration in future Mapathons and further contribute to the growth and development of the Map of the Future project

Next Steps - 10 mins

  • Continue Presentation
    • Combining Maps for the Future
    • Time Travel via Backcasting
    • Vehicle: Circles, Projects, Companies
  • Next Steps
    • Person
      • Sign Up on Discord
      • Receive Personal Map as Identity
    • Duo
      • Channel on Discord
      • Beginning of a beautiful relationship
        • Support
        • Perspectives
    • Circle
      • Channel on Discord
      • United by Common Vision, Value
        • Circle Mapping Discussion - First of Many
      • Reflect, Research, Unite, Imagine, Create
    • Mapathon
    • Channel on Discord
  • Roadmap
  • CCC Camp - Aug 15
  • Events
    • Meetra AI - Conversational Intelligence Circle Mapathon #1 in Warsaw - 29th April 202
    • Horizon Mapathon #2 Decentralized - 4th May 2023

Check Out - 10 mins

The checkout session provides a shared space for participants to reflect on their experiences and express how the session influenced them personally. By sharing insights and feedback, the group strengthened their bonds and formed a united circle. This sense of unity and togetherness will be carried forward as they continue to collaborate and work towards their common goals.


Exploring the Map of the Future - Zoom Event

Join us on Zoom for our World Creativity Day event on April 21 as we introduce the groundbreaking project, "Map of the Future." This decentralized global collaborative research project aims to bring together people from diverse industries, cultures, and backgrounds to create a functional and collective map of our shared future.

Event Details:
Date: April 21, World Creativity
Day Time: 1-3PM GMT
Join Link:

an image with no alt text

During this event, we will present the Map of the Future project and its vision to harness the power of collective intelligence, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. After the introduction, participants will have the opportunity to join breakout circles, focusing on various topic matters.

Breakout circles include:

  1. Conversational Intelligence: Delve into the future of communication and explore how advancements in technology can revolutionize the way we interact and collaborate.
  2. Self-Sufficient Financial Systems: Discuss the potential of creating independent financial systems that enable people to collaborate freely and foster a more equitable and sustainable economy.
  3. Collective Knowledge Creation: Explore the power of collaborative writing and learn how platforms can shape the future of information sharing and content creation without boundaries.
  4. Sustainable Agriculture: Investigate the future of farming and how regenerative practices can contribute to a more resilient and eco-friendly food system.
  5. Eco-Fashion Evolution: Delve into the world of sustainable fashion and discuss how the industry can evolve to minimize its environmental impact while promoting ethical practices.
  6. Sonic Innovations: Immerse yourself in the realm of audio creativity and learn how artists and musicians can use innovative tools and technologies to create immersive sound experiences.
  7. Legal Tech: Explore the growing importance of legal technology and its potential to transform the legal landscape as artificial intelligence continues to advance.
  8. Ecovillages: Discover the world of ecovillages and delve into how these intentional communities are pioneering sustainable living, fostering social harmony, and empowering individuals to live in harmony with nature.

We look forward to seeing you at the event and exploring the Map of the Future together!