Sound AI Workshop

The Sound AI Workshop is an event designed to bring together artists, AI enthusiasts, and sound engineers to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and sound. Participants will engage in various activities, presentations, and collaborative sessions to learn about AI-driven sound synthesis, train AI models on their voices, and create unique sonic experiences.

Actions before May 4

Meeting with Matt(Joint)

  • Schedule a meeting with Matt to discuss the Sound AI Workshop and its objectives.

Matt agreement


  • Matt has agreed to host a party on Thursday evening as part of the Sound AI Workshop. This event will create a fun and engaging atmosphere for participants, fostering collaboration and networking. The party will also serve as an opportunity to announce the program as a weekly committed event.


  • Matt will be responsible for organizing the program, which will outline the various activities and presentations for the Sound AI Workshop. This includes AI-driven sound synthesis, voice training, and creative sound jams. The program will be organized in a way that ensures a smooth and well-structured event.


  • In addition to hosting the party and organizing the program, Matt will also be responsible for crafting a narrative around the workshop. This story will make the event more engaging and relatable, highlighting the potential impact of AI on the world of sound and showcasing the unique experiences that can be created through the combination of AI and sound.


  • The JAM session is an integral part of the Sound AI Workshop, designed to encourage collaboration and creativity among participants. During this session, attendees will work together to create unique soundscapes using AI technologies, fostering a sense of community and shared exploration.

Agile Project Meeting

  • To ensure the success of the Sound AI Workshop, regular Agile Project Meetings will be held throughout the planning and execution stages. These meetings will serve as a platform for tracking progress, addressing challenges, and maintaining alignment with the workshop's objectives. By adopting an agile approach, the team can quickly adapt to any changes or obstacles that may arise, ensuring a smooth and well-organized event.

24 Steps

  • The 24 Steps methodology will be implemented as a guiding framework for the Sound AI Workshop. This structured approach will provide a clear roadmap for the event's activities and presentations, ensuring that all aspects of AI-driven sound synthesis, voice training, and creative sound jams are covered. By following the 24 Steps, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential applications and impact of AI in the world of sound.