Lexon Writer

The Lexon Writer would be available as a native mobile application on Android and iOS, and as an electron style desktop app. The desktop app would also be targeted at workshops and group work, and would be able to deploy results from these design sessions / workshops to the users website.

The current focus would be on the writing, drafting and visualisation elements that were prototyped last year (2022). It would use the version 0.3 compiler to generate JavaScript that would be used in the operation and customisation of certain limited contracts used within LAOs - that is the administration of legal entities.

The Lexon Writer would include a built in contract library, and an ability to dynamically visualise the contracts structure as a graph on interacting clauses from the users library. The library and writing process would be structured as a (federated) wiki,  with each clause written on its own page. Pages would be stored as legal markdown files.

The deployment of the administrative interface would be as HTML5 and wasm components. The Lexon writer would be able to author and deploy these wasm components to the users web site. This would include both components for visualising contracts and their operation - with charts and graphs etc as well as Lexon components that would call the Lexon compiler to (re)generate JavaScript as needed to emend the Lexon legal / community agreements. The focus however would be on the text based agreements and the UX.

The aim would be to deploy and use this Lexon Writer with 2-4 communities from the following list:

  1. Moti - creative industries
  2. Audax - (web3) guild / coop
  3. Collective Intelligence Labs (web3 ecosystem)
  4. OGM Lionsgate - coop ecosystem

The aim is to work with these communities to run monthly workshops and an agile development cycle to help them develop their LAO based ecosystems. Initially we will focus on the workshops and writing the Lexon-style agreements.

We expect only a small number of these agreements to compile using the 0.3 compiler. As we would target mainly the drafting process of the agreements the elements that are not able to (currently) compiled, would be used as community agreements or legal / DAO contract clauses that describe fixed ux / precompiled elements.

In this way the Lexon Writer would serve as a test bed for Lexon 0.4 and future versions of Lexon.