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Map of the Future Blueprint

The Map of the Future is an ambitious global project aimed at involving 60-80% of all universities and schools worldwide. The goal is to engage the world's best academics, professors, blockchain experts, and other professionals in developing the future of the United Nations, nation-states, sustainable development goals, ethical purpose, and even the future of religion. The map will consist of a billion rounds, with each DAO representing a piece of creativity and joy, reflecting the dreams and aspirations of every individual on the planet.

Map of the Future - Megalomania

Megalomania refers to the grand scale and ambition of the Map of the Future project. It seeks to engage not only educational institutions but also spiritual leaders, psychologists, sociologists, and other experts in creating a comprehensive map that offers guidance and advice to every person on Earth. This not-for-profit initiative is founded by Pak Hou Chau and David Bovill and backed by Alex's technical and blockchain expertise.

3 Layers of Designers

The Map of the Future project will attract three different communities of designers, each contributing to a specific aspect of the project:

  1. Data Visualization Designers: These designers will cater to scientists, academics, graphic designers, and UX professionals who will work on mobile phones and websites. They will focus on creating visually appealing and informative representations of the data collected for the Map of the Future.
  2. Branding and Aesthetic Designers: This group will be responsible for developing the overall look and feel of the Map of the Future project, ensuring that it is consistent and engaging across all platforms and media.
  3. Game and VR Experience Designers: These designers will work on creating a unique and immersive experience for users, incorporating the best ideas from the project into a final mobile app game or VR experience. They will also develop unique copyright protections to prevent others from copying the game style or concept. By engaging these three layers of designers, the Map of the Future project aims to create a visually stunning, informative, and engaging experience for users worldwide, helping them navigate and shape the future together.

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Map of the Future


The Map of the Future project is a non-profit initiative that aims to unite individuals, communities, and organizations from diverse backgrounds in the co-creation of a living, functional, and interactive map representing humanity's collective intelligence, imagination, hopes, and concerns for the future in the age of AI. By fostering open communication, innovation, and knowledge-sharing, this non-profit project seeks to empower stakeholders to address global challenges, seize opportunities, and shape a sustainable, inclusive future for all, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries to create a comprehensive and inclusive vision of our shared future.

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Market Research

The Map of the Future project can leverage its vast repository of data and insights to offer market research services to businesses, governments, and organizations. By providing valuable information on emerging trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics, the project can generate revenue through market research reports, consulting services, and data analytics solutions.

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