For each market segment, please follow the market segment pipeline schema, to create a pipeline for the following:

  1. Industry Reports

    • Market research reports (e.g., Gartner, Forrester, IDC)
    • Industry-specific research organisations and think tanks
    • Consultancy firms' research reports (e.g., Deloitte, PwC, McKinsey)
  2. News & Media

    • Industry-specific news websites and blogs
    • General technology and business news sources (e.g., TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes)
    • Journalists covering the market segment
    • Podcasts on relevant topics
    • Books related to the market segment
    • Films and documentaries featuring the market segment
    • TV shows discussing or portraying the market segment
  3. Companies

    • Start-ups in the market segment (e.g., Crunchbase, AngelList)
    • SMEs operating in the market segment (e.g., industry directories)
    • Large Enterprises with a focus on the market segment (e.g., Fortune 500, S&P 500)
    • Service Providers (e.g., consulting firms, marketing agencies)
    • Technology Providers (e.g., software developers, hardware manufacturers)
    • Manufacturers in the market segment (e.g., industry-specific directories)
    • Distributors & Retailers (e.g., wholesalers, e-commerce platforms)
    • R&D companies (e.g., research labs, innovation centers)
    • Infrastructure Providers (e.g., data centers, cloud service providers)
  4. Organizations

    • Government Agencies & Regulatory Bodies (e.g., FCC, FDA, EPA)
    • Universities offering relevant programs and courses
    • Student Unions and clubs related to the market segment
    • Cooperatives operating in the market segment
    • Social Enterprises addressing market segment challenges
    • Online Communities (e.g., Reddit, LinkedIn groups)
    • Trade Associations and industry groups
    • Think Tanks researching the market segment
  5. Influencers

    • Thought leaders in the market segment (e.g., industry experts, innovators)
    • Social media influencers discussing the market segment
    • Keynote speakers and panelists at industry events and conferences
  6. Spaces

    • Physical coworking spaces and innovation hubs focused on the market segment
    • Virtual event platforms and online collaboration tools for industry professionals
  7. Events

    • Industry-specific conferences and expos (e.g., CES, Web Summit)
    • Festivals & Parties related to the market segment
    • Workshops and training sessions in the market segment
    • Webinars and online discussions
  8. Products

    • Market-leading products within the market segment
    • Innovative and emerging products in the market segment
    • Reviews and comparisons of products in the market segment (e.g., consumer reports, expert reviews)
  9. Project

    • Product Ideas
    • Myths
    • Brands & Ecosystems