Product Specification: Moti Persona Pipeline

1. Overview

The Moti Persona Pipeline is an AI-driven system designed to create, evolve, and engage with "personas," which will feed data into a corresponding database. This system aims at enhancing campaign and communication strategy for events through interactive persona tracking, AI-based interviews, and continuous engagement. The product emphasizes front-end focused design and visual presentation.

2. Key Features

2.1 AI-Powered Persona Creation and Evolution

The system will create dynamic "personas." It will leverage AI to define a persona, track its journey, and update it based on real-world interactions and data.

2.2 Database of Events and Accounts

The system will generate an AI-curated database of significant events and accounts related to each persona. Users should be able to add these events to a calendar and invite the relevant accounts to these events. The database will be interactive and visually appealing.

2.3 AI-Assisted Invitation System

The product will have an AI-powered invitation system for events, capable of inviting any persona in the system.

2.4 Visual Representation

The system will provide a visual representation of the collected data. It should have a dashboard that uses AI to analyze and visualize data in an accessible and user-friendly way.

2.5 AI-Enabled Conversational Interviews and Workshops

AI plays a crucial role in conducting conversational interviews and workshops, aiding in the discovery, description, and iteration of the persona.

3. Workflow

3.1 Research and Data Collection

The system will employ AI for substantial initial research to establish the personas and their corresponding events and accounts.

3.2 Iterative Development

AI will assist in the iterative development of personas. The team will use AI to review, refine, and potentially add more personas based on feedback and results from events.

3.3 Sales Network Creation

The end goal of the system is to create an effective sales network. AI will support the organization of workshops and the creation of a database of potential clients or partners.

3.4 Feedback and Improvement

The system will leverage AI to facilitate regular feedback, refine the personas and the events, and analyze the progress of various campaigns or events.

4. Timeline

The goal is to have an AI-integrated prototype of the system fully operational in less than two weeks.

5. Team and Collaboration

The team should successfully work together remotely, a core value of the company.

6. Automation

While automation is a component of the system, the emphasis is on the service provided. The focus should primarily be on providing excellent service, with automation being a secondary concern. Clients should not be concerned with the internal mechanisms or methods of service delivery.