Moti is a visionary organization aiming to disrupt traditional systems and create a more inclusive, collective future. It plans to host a decentralized financial conference that parallels the World Economic Forum at Davos, connecting 500 diverse global hubs. This network brings together participants from various sectors: academia, community, innovation spaces, and the arts.

Moti's unique ethos is centered around drafting ideas by humans, having these narratives written by AI, and then augmenting it through collective intelligence. This approach aims to empower individuals and promote creativity. The ultimate goal is to collectively imagine a better future, encapsulated in "myths," or forward-looking narratives, which will guide humanity's course.

The organization encourages participants not to be confined by their past or by traditional hierarchies. Instead, Moti provides a platform for individuals from various backgrounds to unite under shared values and dreams, creating a new sense of identity, belonging, and community. By integrating experiences from the old world, Moti aims to foster a collective vision for a more democratic, meritocratic, and freedom-oriented future.