ARTE.M envisions a world where the arts and culture of Madeira and Portugal are celebrated, nurtured, and shared, fostering a deeper understanding of the region's rich history and artistic diversity. We aim to be a leading force in cultural education and artistic expression, inspiring curiosity and creativity across generations and international borders.


  1. Inclusivity and Diversity: We embrace and promote diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and artistic expressions, believing that a rich mix of voices and experiences contribute to a more vibrant cultural landscape.

  2. Collaboration and Partnership: We forge connections with local and international organizations, artists, and educational institutions, fostering an environment of cooperation and support in pursuit of common goals.

  3. Innovation and Creativity: We encourage and support artistic exploration, experimentation, and the development of new ideas, nurturing a spirit of innovation and creative expression.

  4. Education and Lifelong Learning: We are committed to providing educational opportunities that stimulate intellectual growth, fostering a passion for learning and an appreciation for the arts in people of all ages.

  5. Sustainability and Responsibility: We are dedicated to the long-term growth and sustainability of the arts in Madeira, Portugal, and beyond, recognizing our responsibility to preserve and protect our cultural heritage for future generations.