Julia is a young, ambitious individual who is either studying or interested in fields such as business studies, event management, festival management, or curation. She may have a background in a different field, such as medieval literature, but her passion lies in organizing events and festivals. Julia is a hands-on person who prefers practical work over theory. She is drawn to purpose-driven projects and wants to gain experience in the industry through internships or summer jobs.


Lukas is an expert in using online pipelines and CRM systems. He is skilled in scheduling, inviting people to events, liaising with team members, reporting, and organizing meetings. Lukas is responsible for conducting workshops with people at the residence to discuss the culture of the spaceship and other related topics.


Sunday Party

A casual gathering or party held on Sundays, where people can be invited to network, discuss ideas, and potentially join the project.

Personal Network Word of Mouth

Reaching out to personal contacts and asking them to spread the word about the project, as well as seeking feedback on the idea and identifying potential interested parties.


Notice Board

Posting information about the project on university notice boards to attract interested students or recent graduates.

Recruitment Sites

Utilizing university recruitment websites to advertise the project and attract potential candidates.


Attending or organizing events related to the project's field to network and find potential candidates.


Connecting with professional guilds or associations in the event management and curation fields to find potential candidates.


Using various online platforms and social media channels to advertise the project and attract interested individuals.

Journey with Key Documents


Event Invitation

An invitation to an event or gathering where potential candidates can learn more about the project and express their interest.


Event Presentation

A presentation during the event that provides an overview of the project, its goals, and the roles available for interested individuals.


Space Network Presentation

A presentation during the interview process that highlights the benefits of joining the space network and the opportunities it offers.

Rental Agreement

A document outlining the terms and conditions of renting a space within the network, including payment and responsibilities.

Job Description

A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities associated with the available positions within the project.

Operating System - CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that all residents must use to manage tasks, invoicing, and payments. This system is essential for tracking progress and ensuring smooth operations within the project.


Audio Invoicing