Lexon: Foundation of Human Collaboration

In the epoch of rapid technological evolution, collaboration remains the cornerstone of true innovation. One significant barrier, however, has always been the division between technical and non-technical communities. Lexon, through its revolutionary approach to smart contracts and blockchain technology, aims to obliterate this barrier.

Lexon transcends the usual confines of a programming language, manifesting as a conduit for inclusive collaboration. By converting intricate coding syntax into natural, easy-to-understand language, Lexon renders the digital world accessible to all, irrespective of their technical proficiency. This human-centric approach democratizes the creation and execution of smart contracts, serving as a bridge that connects diverse communities.

In our partnership, we envision Lexon as the cornerstone of human collaboration. Its core philosophy echoes our own values—transparency, inclusivity, and the power of collective intelligence. Through integrating Lexon into our platform, we aim to enable individuals and organizations from varied backgrounds to engage in a manner that is secure, transparent, and equitable.

By breaking down communication barriers, Lexon fosters deeper understanding and collaboration between technical and non-technical communities. Its innate accessibility coalesces diverse groups who were traditionally hindered by language constraints. Thus, Lexon acts as a catalyst for change, driving global collaboration and fuelling innovation.

Lexon goes beyond being a mere technological instrument; it is the very bedrock of future human collaboration. By harnessing its potential, we strive to build a platform that leverages the power of collective intelligence, enabling diverse communities to collaboratively devise solutions for real-world challenges.

Moti: Collective Future Storytelling via Decentralized Events

At the heart of Moti lies a profound commitment to collective storytelling, fostering a multidisciplinary ecosystem brimming with shared visions of our future. This unique platform invites individuals from varying disciplines and cultures, providing a collaborative space to imagine and design together.

Decentralized events form the backbone of Moti's approach, encouraging agile development, open collaboration, and playful experimentation. This dynamic environment allows for an expansive exchange of ideas, where artists, academics, and engineers can intersect and inspire.

Moti's decentralized events don't merely facilitate discussion; they are incubators for innovation, designed to reinvent aspects of governance, finance, and our human experience. Through this engagement, Moti empowers its community to actively participate in the unfolding narrative of our collective future, breaking down barriers and inviting diverse perspectives to the table.

World Building Partnership

As we venture forth on this journey of innovation and collaboration, we are thrilled to announce our world-building partnership with Lexon. This collaboration is a powerful amalgamation of Lexon's technological prowess and Moti's shared vision of a more inclusive and collaborative future.

This partnership marks the convergence of innovation, expertise, and vision, which we believe can redefine the digital landscape. Utilizing Lexon's game-changing smart contract language and Moti's unique approach to decentralized events, we are embarking on a mission to create new paradigms in how communities interact and businesses operate.

Our platform aims to incorporate the merits of blockchain technology while prioritizing the human element, fostering greater accessibility, and understanding for all users. This is not about introducing another product into an already crowded market. Our objective is to establish a new standard for digital collaboration and innovation, one that benefits users, developers, and investors alike.

This partnership represents our commitment to building a future where technology enhances, rather than complicates, our ability to collaborate and create. Together, we aspire to shape the future of digital engagement and lead the way towards a more connected, inclusive, and innovative digital world.

Definition of Success

The goal of our partnership with Lexon is to foster innovative collaborations that push boundaries, breaking down the barriers that have historically stifled such cooperation. We aim to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of diverse communities, empowering them to work together to shape the future.

Our success will be gauged not by conventional benchmarks, but by the quantity and quality of collaborations we enable. We will observe the reduction in collaboration friction and the wider adoption of Lexon across various industries. Through this alliance, we envision creating a narrative of a collective future that is not only achievable but profoundly transformative.

Key Success Pillars

  1. Education and Enablement: We commit to training individuals and communities to use Lexon, increasing accessibility to this powerful tool. This foundational step empowers people to collaborate more efficiently and creatively. It's not just about learning a new language; it's about unlocking new ways of thinking and problem-solving.
  2. Facilitating Collaborative Workshops: We will host legislative theatre partnership collaboration workshops. These events will bring together diverse communities, providing a forum for collective dialogue and decision-making. We will harness the power of Lexon to facilitate these discussions, fostering an environment of transparency and mutual respect.
  3. Weaving an Imaginative Narrative with Real-World Applications: In our third pillar, we seek to create a compelling blend of the fantastic and the tangible. This involves crafting an almost science-fiction, world-building narrative that encapsulates the far-reaching potential of Lexon, while remaining anchored in the real-world use cases that underline its transformative capacity. We will tell captivating stories of Lexon’s widescale adoption, not as abstract dreams, but as possibilities grounded in reality. This twofold approach allows us to show that while Lexon has the power to reshape our future in extraordinary ways, its impact can also be seen and felt in the here and now, promoting a tangible vision of a more connected and collaborative future."

Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations with Slicing the Pie

As the first tangible application of Lexon, we're pioneering the creation of Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations (DEMOs). DEMOs present a unique organizational model that recognizes and values the diverse contributions of its members - be it time, talents, or resources - and reciprocates by allocating equity.

This allocation isn't a one-time, static event but an ongoing, fluid process, making sure that equity distribution is fair and reflective of varying types and amounts of contributions. The heart of this model lies in a method called "Slicing the Pie," which forms the cornerstone of DEMOs, enabling a dynamic equity distribution that adjusts over time in response to each participant's contributions.

The proposed mutual credit system, Voz, serves as the mechanism through which members can invest their energy and time into projects, gaining credit for their input. Operating in parallel with the equity distribution, this dual layer of recognition ensures comprehensive acknowledgment of the contributions made by the members.

Our partnership with Lexon is vital in translating these principles into an enforceable system. Lexon, a language designed for crafting executable digital contracts, facilitates the digitization of the dynamic equity and mutual credit principles. This integration will result in an accurate, automated system for equity distribution and credit issuance, laying a solid foundation for the operation of DEMOs.

By harmoniously blending "Slicing the Pie", Lexon, and Voz, we are constructing a comprehensive system that acknowledges and values every type of contribution. This configuration serves as a blueprint for future DEMOs, offering an inventive way to establish and expand collaborative ventures.

We aim to manifest this model by partnering with communities such as Collective Intelligence Labs, MOTI, Audax, and others. This collaborative effort will not only showcase Lexon's real-world application and demonstrate its capabilities but also help build a novel method of creating business partnerships that transform collaboration into a true collective endeavor.

Monthly World Building Events

In this vision of a collaborative, equitable future, we offer monthly events that serve as a platform for learning, networking, and innovation. These events are designed to bring together diverse communities and facilitate their engagement with dynamic equity membership organizations. The focus will be on the following key areas:


1. Map of You: Understanding Individual Value

Our journey begins with the 'Map of You' workshop, a transformative onboarding experience driven by advanced AI conversational intelligence. Participants undertake an introspective journey, articulating their skills, aspirations, and potential contributions in a facilitated conversation with AI. The data gathered from these discussions is then visualized using advanced mapping tools, creating a unique digital identity map for each individual. This approach enables a clear understanding of the unique value each participant offers to the ecosystem, creating a foundation for mutual recognition and collaboration.

2. Agora: Facilitating Collaboration

The 'Agora' workshop leverages the power of AI to facilitate connections and accelerate collaboration. By using sophisticated AI matchmaking algorithms, potential synergies and partnerships are identified based on the digital identity maps created during the 'Map of You' session. But the power of AI doesn't stop there; it also helps in translating abstract ideas and intentions into tangible commitments.

The 'Agora' session extends into an interactive, AI-guided negotiation workshop where participants can articulate their wants, needs, and offers. This is where our conversational AI comes into play. Conversations unfold in natural language, in a variety of languages like English, German, and Chinese, and these discussions are processed by our AI system. The output? Literate Lexon code, which forms the basis of a smart contract that can be used to formalize collaborations.

This process makes deal-making more accessible and efficient. Participants can communicate freely in their preferred language, with AI handling the translation into Lexon. Once agreement is reached, the resulting Lexon contract can be deployed to multiple blockchains using a multi-chain infrastructure, making it immediately legally binding.

This AI-assisted process not only democratizes access to smart contract creation but also enables a more dynamic, responsive, and inclusive way to collaborate and transact.

3.Lexon Development Labs: Building Tools for Collaborative Future

Lexon Development Labs are conceived as a technological shipyard, where innovative applications are crafted to enhance collaboration and catalyze systemic change. At the heart of these labs, AI engineers, web3 developers, and legal tech experts come together to build technologies and platforms that bolster the 'Map of You' and 'Agora' processes.

The focus at Lexon Development Labs extends beyond just creating applications. The ultimate objective is to improve and simplify all aspects of the collaborative journey – from onboarding to matchmaking, to deal making and management. This involves not just improving the technical aspect of Lexon but developing tools and applications that make Lexon more accessible to a wider audience.

Whether it's creating visualization tools for mapping individual values, developing sophisticated AI matchmaking systems, or devising intuitive interfaces for contract creation, the goal is to enrich the ecosystem and enable more meaningful collaborations.

In these labs, the potential of Lexon is continuously explored, pushing boundaries and exploring ways to make the discovery of DEMOs easier, the creation of smart contracts more accessible, and the process of collaboration more inclusive and equitable. Through this, the Lexon Development Labs contribute to a future where technology and humanity converge to create a more collaborative and equitable digital landscape.

Participating Communities in Our Monthly World-Building Events

The following groups have been integral to our monthly world-building events:

  1. Collective Intelligence Labs (CIL): As a web3 focused community, CIL is devoted to providing a state-of-the-art, multi-chain infrastructure that enables synchronized transactions across different blockchains. Their technological expertise lends substantial weight to our discussions and collaborative efforts.
  2. Moti: Moti is an imaginative organization focused on exploring storytelling and artistic concepts. Their creative and innovative outlook significantly enriches the imaginative layer of our world-building endeavors.
  3. Audax: A digital nomad guild, Audax specializes in harmonizing professional and spiritual development. They offer a unique perspective on creating a global home for digital nomads, which is essential as we envision a world without geographical barriers.


Darvoz is a decentralized financial conference that coincides with the annual World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. Named for a term that translates to "Give Voice," Darvoz represents an alternative platform for financial dialogue and innovation that seeks to empower not just the elite, but grassroots communities, startups, students, and professionals around the world.

Decentralized Financial Conference

In stark contrast to the traditional, centralized format of most conferences, a decentralized financial conference, such as Darvoz, leverages a network of distinct venues or "spaces" that each host their own specialized events. These events reflect the unique expertise, culture, and community needs of their respective locations while maintaining coherence through a shared structure and format.

The decentralized structure of Darvoz brings together a diverse array of voices and perspectives, fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative ecosystem where participants self-organize and collaborate towards a more equitable financial future.

500 Spaces: Empowering Diverse Collaboration

In its mission to democratize financial dialogue, Darvoz envisions the establishment of 500 spaces worldwide. Each serving as both a physical and virtual hub, these spaces are rooted in their local communities and contribute to the global conversation. These spaces fall into four distinct yet interconnected categories, each providing a unique platform for collaboration, innovation, and expression:

Academic Spaces

Academic spaces will host intellectual conferences, workshops, and discussions exploring the future of finance, law, AI, and ethics. They serve as grounds for intellectual exploration and rigorous discourse, bringing together thinkers, academics, and professionals from various fields to contemplate and debate on the critical issues and trends shaping our financial future.

  • Stanford University - Stanford, CA, USA
  • University of Oxford - Oxford, UK
  • University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Utrecht University - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Nova School of Business and Economics - Lisbon, Portugal
  • University of Cambridge - Cambridge, UK

Community Spaces

Community spaces are tailored for grassroots communities experiencing the real-world problems that we seek to address. From farmers to mechanics, these spaces provide a platform for people to deliberate, discuss, and highlight the challenges they face. They serve to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing valuable insights from those on the ground, thus grounding the dialogue in lived realities.

Hackathon Spaces

Hackathon spaces cater to the creators: developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and makers. Positioned as incubators, business innovation hubs, and think tanks, these spaces facilitate the design and creation of tangible solutions. Through hackathons, acceleration programs, and similar initiatives, participants in these spaces can put their skills to use in creating innovative applications, solutions, and businesses.

  • Impact Hub Basel - Basel, Switzerland
  • Astralship - Wales, UK
  • Imaguru Startup Hub - Locations in Madrid, Spain; Warsaw, Poland; and Vilnius, Lithuania

Imaginative Spaces

Imaginative spaces offer a platform for creative expression and exploration. They may take the form of performance spaces, interactive installations, galleries, or digital art spaces, allowing participants to visualize and experience possible future worlds. These spaces foster an environment that values imagination and artistic exploration as crucial elements in shaping our collective future.

  • RSA House - London, UK
  • ZKM | Center for Art and Media - Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Obeya Digital Gallery - Cascais, Portugal
  • Ars Electronica Center - Linz, Austria
  • Central Saint Martins - London, UK

Each category of space serves a unique function, contributing its own flavor to the broader ecosystem. Together, they form a dynamic, multifaceted platform that fosters learning, collaboration, innovation, and expression. This is the essence of the Darvoz vision: to build a globally interconnected network of local communities, each contributing to the dialogue and shaping our financial future.


Showcasing a New Breed of Organizations

DEMOs Days at Darvoz are not just about investment and fundraising; they are about showcasing a revolutionary approach to incubating businesses. It's about pesenting a new kind of organization that is more grounded, more accessible, and faster to succeed, creating models of cooperation that foster growth from the grassroots level. It's a display of a new methodology where businesses are not only more successful but are better in the sense that they reflect the diversity and dynamism of the communities from which they spring.

Streamlined Investments through DEMOs Platform

All investments made during DEMOs Days will be facilitated through our Dynamic Equity Membership Organization (DEMOs) platform. This platform harnesses the power of Lexon to automate investment processes, creating a seamless and efficient fundraising experience. It enables us to demonstrate a new way of conducting business and financial transactions that's in line with the ethos of the blockchain era: decentralized, transparent, and efficient.

Receive Investments for DEMOs

The third distinctive aspect of DEMOs Days is the spotlight on innovative projects that have been nurtured through the monthly World Building Events leading up to Darvoz. These projects, each a testament to the power of collaboration, embody the potential of Lexon and the transformative capacity of our partnership. By providing a stage for these projects to be presented, DEMOs Days underscores the role of Lexon in enabling these groundbreaking initiatives, and how it contributes to the development of diverse, dynamic, and equitable solutions.

Through these three core components, DEMOs Days offer an extraordinary opportunity for these emerging organizations to establish their place in the financial world, secure vital funding, and demonstrate their potential to reshape our economic future.

Projected Impact and Outcome

The envisioned partnership with Lexon and the establishment of Darvoz, a decentralized financial conference, along with DEMOs Days, is expected to be transformative for the financial landscape.

At the heart of Darvoz is a network of 500 distinct spaces worldwide. These spaces are designed to reach a global audience of around 100,000 participants, fostering a paradigm shift in financial dialogue. By representing a vast array of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, we aim to stimulate innovation, promote cross-cultural understanding, and facilitate the exchange of best practices across different locations and sectors. From an inclusivity perspective, Darvoz is designed to set a new standard for international conferences by promoting a more egalitarian approach to financial discourse and decision-making.

DEMOs Days, an integral part of Darvoz, is projected to amplify the visibility and credibility of emerging Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations. By offering a platform for these innovative projects to be showcased and facilitating an efficient fundraising process via the DEMO platform, DEMOs Days is expected to aid these organizations in securing vital funding and establishing their presence in the financial world. The objective is to facilitate up to $50 million in investments during DEMOs Days, thereby substantially bolstering the growth and sustainability of these organizations.

Dynamic Equity Partnership

As Lexon gears up for its forthcoming ICO with Eternity, we, at Moti, firmly believe in the importance of a tangible use case, a comprehensive roadmap, and an imaginative narrative to ensure the success of Lexon and this ICO Campaign. With this belief, we propose to co-build and co-incubate the Dynamic Equity Membership Organization (DEMO) platform using our Dynamic Equity Incubation Model, to act as the first widespread application of Lexon.

Moti's Investment:

  1. Branding, Communication, and Storytelling: Craft a compelling narrative for the DEMO platform, complete with effective communication strategies.
  2. Monthly Event Organization: Host monthly events geared towards instructing legal tech experts and developers on smart contract creation with Lexon and facilitate the incubation of new Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations.
  3. Darvoz Organization: Organize Darvoz, a decentralized financial conference, to showcase and fundraise for DEMOs, and the DEMO platform itself.

Lexon's Investment:

  1. Technical Support and Training: Provide comprehensive technical support, offer documentation, and deliver training for the Lexon technology.
  2. Development Work: Handle the additional development work required for the DEMO platform and perform any necessary bug fixes.
  3. Technology Integration: Ensure Lexon's technology is properly integrated and functioning within the DEMO platform.

Eternity's Investment:

  1. Development Hours: Commit to invest a specific number of development hours into the DEMO joint venture following the successful ICO.
  2. Grant Support: Agree to provide a grant for the development of the DEMO platform contingent upon the successful outcome of the ICO campaign.
  3. Community Engagement: Leverage the Eternity community to create interest and support for the DEMO platform, utilizing their established network for engagement and promotion.


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In conclusion, the partnership between Moti, Lexon, and Eternity is a venture of transformative potential. This collaboration doesn't simply aim to create another financial tool or business model; it aspires to reinvent the way we approach economic systems, leveraging the power of blockchain and the intuitive simplicity of Lexon. Through the implementation of the DEMOs and the establishment of Darvoz, we seek to inspire, educate, and enable a new generation of innovators who value diversity, equity, and the power of community collaboration.

This proposal outlines a bold, ambitious journey - a journey that requires the cooperation, expertise, and shared vision of all three partners. With Lexon's technology, Eternity's network and development support, and Moti's leadership in creating inclusive, innovative spaces, we are poised to bring a substantial change in the economic landscape.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Let's work together to redefine the financial world, showcasing new methodologies of doing business and promoting equitable growth. Together, we can create a more inclusive, dynamic, and fair economy for all.

This proposal is just the start of our conversation. We look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring, the problems it will solve, and the future it will shape.