A World Building Partnership

In a bid to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical communities, Moti and Lexon have embarked on an innovative partnership. Their goal is to democratize the creation and execution of smart contracts, thereby fostering a broader culture of inclusivity and innovation. This partnership is premised on the understanding that the complexities of financial tools should not stand in the way of access and comprehension for all users.

Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations (DEMOs)

At the heart of this partnership are Dynamic Equity Membership Organizations (DEMOs). DEMOs have been conceived as a revolutionary new model for organizational structures that values the diverse contributions of its members by proportionately allocating equity. This allocation is determined by a unique method of equity distribution, known as 'Slicing the Pie', while a proposed mutual credit system, Voz, is expected to further streamline transactions within the DEMOs.

Monthly Events

Key to the success of this partnership are the monthly events, specifically designed to facilitate growth and collaboration. The events range from 'Map of You' - a personalized exploration of individual skills and values, to 'Agora' - a space for collaboration, and finally, the Lexon Development Labs where tools for a collaborative future are designed and built. These workshops will be delivered in collaboration with several communities including Collective Intelligence Labs, Moti, and Audax, each bringing their unique expertise and perspectives to the table.

Darvoz: A Global Decentralized Financial Conference

The partnership will also birth a new form of financial dialogue in the shape of Darvoz, a decentralized financial conference that coincides with the World Economic Forum. The conference has an ambitious target of activating 500 spaces worldwide, each catering to different aspects of the financial ecosystem. The spaces, divided into Academic, Community, Hackathon, and Imaginative Spaces, are designed to stimulate intellectual discourse, grassroots discussions, spur innovation, and encourage creative exploration, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the global financial community.

Partnership Terms

In terms of partnership responsibilities, Moti, Lexon, and Eternity each bring unique strengths to the table. Moti's investment in the partnership is concentrated on crafting an appealing narrative for the DEMO platform. This involves effective branding, communication, and storytelling. Furthermore, they will assume the responsibility for the organization of monthly events and the Darvoz conference, both crucial to the growth and visibility of DEMOs.

Lexon's role in the partnership is primarily technical. They will provide comprehensive technical support, offer training for the Lexon technology, and handle additional development work for the DEMO platform. A critical part of their role is to ensure the seamless integration and functionality of Lexon's technology within the DEMO platform.

Eternity’s commitment to the partnership extends to investing development hours into the DEMO joint venture, contingent on the success of the ICO. They will also provide a grant for the development of the DEMO platform, contingent upon the successful outcome of the ICO campaign. Moreover, they will leverage their established community to generate interest and support for the DEMO platform.

Success will be measured by the quantity and quality of collaborations, the degree of Lexon adoption across various industries, and the successful implementation and growth of DEMOs. The partners envisage a transformed economic landscape, shaped by blockchain technology and the simplicity of Lexon, fostering a more inclusive, dynamic, and equitable economy.


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