Darvoz, a decentralized financial conference, is scheduled to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos from January 15-19, 2024. By aligning with this significant event, Darvoz aims to create a parallel platform that empowers grassroots communities, students, startup entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource exchange, participants can self-organize and collectively work towards a more equitable world, fostering a vibrant ecosystem where diverse voices unite to shape an inclusive and innovative financial landscape for the future.

Darvoz, which translates to "Give Voice," provides a platform for people to express their ideas, perspectives, and contributions within the dynamic and evolving landscape of finance.

Decentralized Financial Conference

A decentralized financial conference is an event that takes place across various locations, each hosting distinct events that capitalize on their specialized expertise, authentic local culture, and addressing the needs of specific communities. These individual spaces within the distributed network collaborate through a unified structure and format, providing a seamless and engaging experience for all participants involved.

Convergence of Spaces


These are spaces where people from various backgrounds come together to share their experiences and discuss their needs. In these hubs, students can talk about finding career paths, while farmers might discuss the challenges of sustainable farming. Community hubs act as a melting pot for ideas and reflections, helping individuals and groups express their values and concerns.


These spaces are designed for creating and building. People come together to pool resources, use tools, and collaborate on projects. Participants may attend hackathons and work together to develop potential solutions addressing the concerns and challenges expressed in the community hubs.


Auditoriums are designated areas for hosting keynote speeches, panel discussions stages, or presentations that attract large audiences. These spaces may feature live or pre-recorded sessions, and provide attendees with the opportunity to ask questions or interact with speakers as time allows.


Studios are dedicated to audiovisual media content production. They serve as a platform to share the ideas, solutions, and stories originating from community hubs and shipyards. Through various media formats, the studios amplify the voices of the participants, sharing their experiences and innovations with a broader audience.


University of Oxford, Oxford

Vaudeville Court, London

Imaguru Startup Hub, Vilnius

Imaguru Startup Hub, Warsaw

Astralship, Wales

Lexon's Fit

  1. Collaborative Legislative Theatre Workshops: By hosting workshops with community hubs, Lexon can facilitate partnerships between legal professionals and community members, promoting a more inclusive and accessible legal process for all.
  2. Legal Contract Writing Workshops: Lexon's expertise in creating legally enforceable plain-text smart contracts can empower legal professionals in writing legal contracts. These educational workshops contribute to the skill development of Darvoz participants and create a more sophisticated and skilled legal workforce.
  3. Legal Tech Hackathons: Lexon's involvement in organizing hackathons for developers in legal tech showcases their commitment to innovation in the legal and tech industries. This aligns perfectly with the forward-looking spirit of the Darvoz conference.
  4. Investment Infrastructure: As a legal tech expert, Lexon can provide the necessary infrastructure for investments that take place during or after Darvoz. By ensuring compliance and legal soundness, Lexon strengthens the overall value and credibility of the conference.
  5. Investable Project in Legal Tech: Presenting Lexon as an investable project highlights the growth potential in the legal tech industry. This entices like-minded participants and investors contributing to the innovation and progress in the space.

Benefit to Lexon

The key benefits provided to Lexon for participating in a decentralized financial conference like Darvoz include:

  1. Demonstration of Real-World Use Cases: By providing training and workshops to legal professionals, Lexon can showcase the practical applications of their technology in various industries. This demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of Lexon in addressing real-world challenges and streamlining legal processes.
  2. Investment Infrastructure Provision: By enabling the investment infrastructure for a global decentralized event like Darvoz, Lexon establishes themselves as the go-to solution for legally enforceable smart contracts and agreements. This prominent position will attract businesses and investors, opening up new opportunities for Lexon in the rapidly growing decentralized finance market.
  3. Engagement with Legal Tech Developers: Participation in Darvoz allows Lexon to connect with the community of legal tech developers and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry. This engagement can lead to valuable partnerships, talent acquisition, and potential development of new products and services.
  4. Legal Agreements and Investments: Lexon's ability to provide the infrastructure for legal agreements and investments during the event showcases their expertise and value proposition in the legal tech space. This visibility can generate interest from potential clients and investors, ultimately leading to increased business opportunities and growth.


  1. June 1 to January 15 - Monthly Events: Throughout this period, focus on organizing and hosting decentralized monthly events at various locations to promote Darvoz and generate momentum towards the conference. Utilize this time to secure the necessary audiovisual equipment, arrange rehearsals, and acquire additional venues, including hubs, auditoriums, and shipyards.
  2. August 15 - 19 - CCC Camp, Berlin: As a significant milestone before Darvoz, host an event at CCC Camp in Berlin to begin onboarding and incubating projects that will be showcased at the main conference. Utilize this opportunity to network, gain insights, and identify participants and innovation leaders who will contribute to Darvoz's success.
  3. January 15 - 19 - Darvoz: Execute the central event, where all preparation culminates in a comprehensive, inclusive, and innovative decentralized financial conference. Feature multiple locations, each hosting specialized events with diversified expertise, authentic local cultures, and the ability to address the needs of specific communities. Darvoz will provide a platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and powerful networking, ultimately contributing to a more equitable financial future.