Software Strategy in the Age of AI

The aim of this article is to outline the software strategy that I believe Moti should take in the age of AI for upcoming projects such as the MVBP for Map of the Future. I am proposing a radical departure from normal practice, which combines best practice form large well funded multinational ventures, with an approach to open source style grass routes development that is compatible with DAO based incentivisation of an ecosystem of small teams.

Everything is a LAO

The strategy is based on the radical premise that Everything is a LAO. A LAO is a "life-like" digitally augmented organisation of institution. It is a Performative Data Structure, and as such is more than a description of the world, it has the capability to be funded, that is supplied with "energy" and linked to "actors" or "legal persons" - that is real world entities - that are incentivised or commanded to take action. A LAO is an Atom of Power. Due to the power of current formalisations we are able to represent these structures in a minimal schema encoded as markdown or json. A LAO can be:

  • Encoded as simple minimal markdown or json files
  • Represented as wiki page and read by a browser or any standard markdown editor
  • Imported into databases, especially vector or graph databases
  • Converted to NFTs, DAO'S or DAOs with legal personhood


The software strategy is based on the principle of the creation of a new form of incentivised community generated software commons. The choice of this strategy is based around the recognition that no single company, or open source project is able to easily create the diversity and sophistication of software modules the is required for projects such as Map of the Future, or creating a digital incubator for the creative industries.


The strategy is based on the following elements: