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Invisible Finance Journey

Basic Membership Subscription

The Invisible Finance Journey refers to the basic membership subscription process where members pledge a day of their work to the community in exchange for access to organized events and content throughout the year.

Sub-point: Equitable and Fair Ecosystem

By pledging a day of work, members contribute to creating an equitable and fair ecosystem within the community, ensuring that the year's meetings and events are run smoothly and efficiently.

Sub-point: Pledge Interface

The pledge interface allows members to easily commit to their one-day work contribution, simplifying the process and focusing on the benefits of joining the community.

Sub-point: Monthly Town Hall Meetings

Members who participate in the Invisible Finance Journey gain access to monthly town hall meetings, where they pay one VAZ each month for the event tickets. This helps grow the community sustainably and save on cash reserves.

B2B Services and Spending

The Invisible Finance Journey also involves the use of VAZ for business-to-business (B2B) services, such as hiring venues and paying for event organization.

Sub-point: Saving on Cash Reserves

Using VAZ for B2B services allows businesses to save on cash reserves, as they can pay for services using the community currency instead of traditional cash.

Sub-point: Collaboration and Growth

The Invisible Finance Journey encourages collaboration between businesses and community members, fostering growth and development within the community.

Working Together on the Journey

The community works together to develop and refine the Invisible Finance Journey, ensuring that it remains sustainable and beneficial for all members.

Sub-point: Developing Stories and Illustrations

Members collaborate on creating stories and illustrations to showcase the benefits of the Invisible Finance Journey, helping to promote the concept and attract new members.

Sub-point: Ongoing Improvement and Expansion

The community continually works to improve and expand the Invisible Finance Journey, adapting it to meet the needs of its members and ensuring its long-term success.

David's Coder's Journey


  1. A community member is paying 1 voz for attending the townhall meeting
  2. The 20 people are attending the meeting, with 20 voz visualized in the middle
  3. The voz are divided into three buckets - 6 each for head, heart, hands
  4. Head - Intelligence: Researcher, Speaker, Musician
  5. Heart - Empathy : Invitators, Faciliators, Hosts
  6. Hands - Infrastucture : Conversational Intelligence, DAO Incubation, Studio App
  7. Agora Workshop

Visual Ideas

  • Paying into Calendar Event
  • Building an Island Together (Meeting Space) Puzzle/ Lego Style
  • 1 Voz - What can 1 Voz Buy
  • 1 Voz - $50

Slide 1 - The Member Pays

  • As a dedicated community member, I contribute 1 voz to attend the townhall meeting, demonstrating my commitment and active involvement in our thriving community.

Slide 2 - Pot Collective

  • Together, we gather as 20 enthusiastic attendees, pooling our contributions to create a collective pot of 20 voz. This visual representation symbolizes our united engagement and participation in the community.

Slide 3 - Head, Heart & Hands

  • Our collective 20 voz are thoughtfully divided into three essential categories: Head, Heart, and Hands, with each receiving 6 voz. This balanced distribution emphasizes the importance of nurturing intelligence, empathy, and infrastructure within our community.

Slide 4 - Head


  • As a researcher, I delve into complex topics and provide valuable insights and information, enriching our community's collective knowledge.


  • As a speaker, I share my expertise and experiences, sparking thought-provoking discussions and inspiring new ideas among community members.


  • As a musician, I contribute my artistic talents, creating a vibrant atmosphere that fosters creativity and connection within our community.

Slide 5 - Heart


  • As a facilitator, I guide meaningful discussions and ensure smooth interactions, helping our community members connect and collaborate effectively.


  • As a host, I create a warm and inclusive environment, welcoming all members and fostering a sense of belonging within our community.

Community Leaders

  • As a community leader, I encourage others to join and participate, nurturing a strong and supportive network of engaged members.

Slide 6 - Hands


  • As the dedicated organizers creating and running local or online events, we ensure that each gathering runs smoothly and effectively. In recognition of our efforts, we are rewarded with Voz for hosting these events.


  • The generous venues that provide and sponsor spaces for our events, such as theaters, co-working spaces, and salons, play a crucial role in our community's growth. These venues are also compensated with Voz for their invaluable contributions.


  • Our skilled engineers work tirelessly to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary for hosting successful events. Their expertise and dedication are essential to our community's success, and they too are rewarded with Voz for their efforts.

Slide 7 - Infrastructure

Conversation Mapping

  • By leveraging AI and meeting documentation, we enhance communication within our community, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and valued.

DAO Incubation

  • Our DAO incubation process enables quick and efficient collaboration among members, empowering us to make collective decisions and drive our community forward.

Decentralized Local Festival Network

  • With the help of the Studio App, we streamline the technical aspects of hosting events and meetings, supporting our community's growth and development as we continue to thrive together.

Slide 8 - Map


  • Investment
    • Moti
    • Audex
    • CIL

  • Members
    • Pay 1 Voz (20 Members - 20 Voz)
  • Partners
    • Imaguru (Space) - 2 Voz
      • From Event DAO
        • Decentralized Space Setup
    • Mona (Faciliator) - 6
      • From Event DAO
        • Training & Event Program
    • Moti (Organizer) - 6
    • Alex (Speaker) - 6
  • Services Provided
    • Audex

Sci-Fi Brand

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Art Piece

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Incubation (Fundraising) Voyage as a Format

Crowdfunding for Grassroot Art Projects


Incubation Focus

Game & AI


Decentralized Events


Model Map

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